Thursday, 1 April 2010

They Googled my Van in Magrath, AB

I be googled! My daughter informed me today that her friend saw our van in front of my mother-in-laws house on Google Maps. Apparently last spring the Google cam-van was here and I never knew. No one tells me anything.

To see what YOUR house looked like last year, you can go to Google Maps and drag the little person icon to your street. Street view lets you navigate the same paths the cam-van took and you can look around and up at each point.  Click the while arrow heads on the white path line to move along the streets. Click the blue arrow heads on the compass icon to rotate left/right or look up/down. Click the +/- below the compass to zoom in/out. Also, in the mini map at lower right you can move to other streets by dragging the person icon around. Neato.
So go to and search for Magrath, Canada. That should get you to the current map of Magrath or just click here to view our town on Google Maps