Sunday, 1 January 2012

Is my blog working?

Is My Blog Working? Is your webpage/blog working? How do you know? Veronica Belmont of has shown us the way .. again. She reported a new free utility website called that checks for you and reports back all sorts of neat techie info. You just enter in the site you want to check on their main page, or append it to the end for a quick shortcut e.g.

Yay .. along the same lines, I like the website which is extremely handy if you need to know what IP address (kinda like a call display number to the web) you are using. You need this info if you want two computers to find and talk directly to each other over the internet. It is also a quick and easy way to see if your internet connection is still working.
And if it is working .. just how fast is it? Go to for a free utility to measure how long it takes to upload and download a test file. Cool.

Now, how can they afford to provide free services like these? I don't know, but I like using them. Perhaps is is a public service provided by a beneficent business who make their money in other ways .. kind of like the content on this website.