Monday, 27 February 2012

Kindle, Kindle .. come out where ever you are ..

I bought a Kindle 3 last year. Long story: it was lost for a while in a third world country (Bonaire), but eventually found it's way home to me. Meanwhile, my daughters sprang for a replacement Kindle Touch for me for Christmas. Thanks Kids! So .. I (am supposed to) have two. It usually works out great, as I have two pockets in my suit jacket that they fit into quite well. It is often convenient to have two references open at once at church or in study. Mostly, they are used as replacement scriptures and lesson manuals and whatever. The bells and whistles of other devices fade in comparison to the crystal ink, usability and readability of my Kindles and they save me from lugging around my old 40 lb Samsonite briefcase. 

Sidebar: see the results of the conversion/merging of the Book of Mormon + Study Guide for the Kindle at .. I plan to document the steps required to convert from PDF > DOC > EPUB > MOBI = XML .. OK? Later.

Anyway, I have a Kindle Touch and a Kindle 3. Last week, the Kindle 3 disappeared shortly after our return from church. It was eventually found next to my computer under another book. Hmmm. This weekend the Kindle Touch also disappeared and eventually miraculously appeared under my daughters pillow in her room. Ahhh. So .. perhap we need some kind of GPS tracking device or a clapper/beeper function to be able to locate lost or stolen devices like this. THAT would be cool .. 

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