Monday, 27 February 2012

You Smell, Fruity!

I came back from lunch and my co-worker commented, "Hmmm .. you smell fruity." Yup, I had just grabbed a mandarin and peeled and then ate it on the way back from my lunch break. My first thought was, just where was the comma (if any) placed? I love our native tongue, but it has to be cooked properly first to be truly enjoyed. "You, smell fruity" is a command, "You smell, fruity" is a comment on my personal hygiene plus the addition of a new nickname, and "You smell fruity" could just be a nice observation on my new cologne. Language always was my worst subject, I look so much better on paper. You also have to listen for the snark-mark and decide if they are saying it in a threatening, amused, or angry manner. No wonder no one understands me. And that smells .. fruity.

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