Thursday, 23 February 2012

Time for a new chair or a new diet?

Much like a butterfly, I like to zoom from station to station as I work. I don't much like waiting for computers much, especially old slow ones like the ones I have and fix - currently 5-6 working computers in the back office with various routers and switches - and the TV. So if a computer is taking too long to do whatever I have told it to do, I move on to the next one and the next task. Today I was working in the office on my rolling desk chair, a favorite that the kids gave me for Christmas a few years back. It is starting to look a bit worn but so far has functioned fine. I was a bit disconcerted when the first plastic wheel exploded on me, but I still had 4 of 5 working wheels. No problem. I kept working and zooming. When the second wheel gave out a few minutes later, I started thinking .. just what gigantic overweight elf had been sneaking into my private office and sitting on my chair. Goldilocks perhaps? At first I thought I could lose the remaining wheels, but then I lose my zoom and about 2 inches of chair height, and I soon found that the center post rides lower than the wheel base. It makes an interesting 360 degree rocking chair. I know that replacement wheels could be installed, but I am cheap. Maybe I will check out my favorite aisle at the thrift store .. or go on a diet.

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